Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Isn't it funny how you don't realise how dependant you become on certain things? Like, in the way that you don't think you use your mobile phone much...until you leave it at home by accident and have a mini panic when you realise you don't have it with you and today could be the day you receive the most important call/text of your life and you'll miss it.... no? just me then? damn.

Well luckily I didn't leave my phone at home today! Phew. However, I did almost lose the will to live when I had problems getting on Facebook earlier. Now I never thought myself to be a FB obsessive, there are plenty of people I know who are on it ALL DAY EVERY DAY (seriously!) and I most certainly am not one of those people. I tend to check it now and again when I get a free minute at work and then give it a proper browse when I get home to see people's pictures and stuff. Today though I couldn't even get on it on my mobile! *panic panic panic*

I'm not even sure what I panicked for - was I missing something important? (no) would I look ignorant for not replying to messages that I couldn't read? (no). I'm slightly annoyed with myself for feeling like that to be honest. What on earth did I do with my life before the internet and social networking?! I used to know people's phone numbers by memory for a start. I used to write letters to my grandparents instead of emails, and take my time capturing good photographs because I used film so didn't have a second (or third, or fourth...) try! God damn the progression of technology. I shouldn't complain really though, it makes me think how much I take it for granted that I have access to the internet and own a computer and a mobile phone and digital camera in the first place - and I think that i'm poor!

Talking of poor...i'm seriously considering selling my pride and joy to pay some bills - My Betsy (camera). On one hand I can't bear to part with her because she is quite simply my most treasured possession and I am so proud of her, but on the other i'm a little fed up of not having enough money. Any one got any insight into this dilemma? She is probably only worth about £100 now, if that, and thats a 3rd of what she was worth brand new....but then again £100 can go a long way....but what will I do without my camera?! Grrrrr I can't decide.

Lastly, I was reading Aubrey's guest post on 'Musings of Moi' earlier today and she was talking about pushing people's buttons and pranking and it made me remember a fantastic prank me and my colleagues played on a member of our team at my old job! It only started as a little joke where we'd re-arrange things on each others desks, stick post-its to screens etc but lets just say things got a little bit out of hand one night....and, well this happened:

hehehehe. She wasn't best pleased but luckily saw the funny side of things. I'm not kidding when I say it took 3 people about half an hour to do it, good job we were working late so the office was quiet and no one saw :P

My mood has somewhat bettered today as J has got 3 days off work now so roll on games night and whatever else we decide to do! Yay! xxx

Monday, 28 September 2009

Catch Up

Whoa. I left this for a while didn't I. I guess I have..no wait, I HAVE DEFINITELY been a busy bee lately. I've gone past exhaustion and am now on that crazy road called sheer willpower.

Jamie has been living here for..*counts on fingers*..6 weeks now so I'd say we are just about settled. I managed to make room for all his stuff (god knows how!) and I can safely say we live together now so yay! It feels kinda weird sometimes, living with someone again. It's been a while since I had to share my space and I sometimes miss being in 'my own flat', don't get me wrong - I am so happy with my life right now, but you know I just get pangs of it now and again. He's working like a dog at his new job (carer in a dementia carehome) at the moment. 12hr night shifts just aren't any fun and he's been working 4/5 a week! He spends most of his time working or sleeping so we aren't getting much quality time right now, but I know it'll be worth it eventually. He's got 3 days off in a row this week so we're having a games night on wednesday (bring on the Scrabble and Monopoly!) and his shifts should settle down soon to 3/4 a week *i hope!* so then we can start spending some nice snuggly nights in together now that its getting nearer to Christmas. Yes I know, I said it! Duh duh duh!! But really people, it's only 3 months to go - thats only 3 more monthly pay days (or 12 more weekly ones if you are like me). I'm already on the lookout for nice wrapping paper but haven't even though about presents yet.

It was Jamie's 21st birthday last friday so I made a big fuss over him. I got him an ace Edward Monkton book and a Wall-E cake:
And I got him a 1975 Lynyrd Skynyrd UK Tour Programme in mint condition (go me!). Oh, and I took him out to a chinese buffet for dinner and the food was amazing! I am definitely going there again - Buffet@Preston if you wanted to know! So yeah, friday night was good. I like birthdays :)

I spent 10 days in Paphos, Cyprus visiting my Dad and Step-Mum a few weeks ago, it was so much fun! We didn't do alot of stuff (other than shopping the foodmarket, sunbathing and sleeping) but I was just glad to spent time with them. I hadn't seen my Dad since they moved out there last November so I was really happy to be there (and really sad to leave, we both cried!). Hopefully me and Jamie will be going out to stay next September, it was a good time of year to go - still hot but not unbearable and not lots of kids around.

Lets see, what else has been going on..... oh yeah! I worked at the Beatles Convention in Liverpool this year! It was held in the Adelphi Hotel and I worked a straight 17hrs (5am-10pm)! I was dying by the time I got home but it was worth it. A whole day listening to The Beatles and lots of tribute acts, and seeing all the obsessive fans buying all our stuff! This guy was definitely the best one - German, didn't speak a word of english, asked the price of EVERYTHING (in german) and fully dressed as John Lennon:

It was certainly an 'interesting' day to say the least!

Well, my brain is starting to shut down for the night so I guess I'd better go get some relaxation. Another night in, alone with only a cup of tea for company. What a life! xxx