Saturday, 31 October 2009


A quick one today before dinner, not much to report on this weekend.
This week has been weird at work. Busy, not busy, weird atmosphere, comfortable atmosphere. Its probably just all in my head, I have a tendancy to think about stuff waaaaaay too much and for too long, and before I know it I've come up with some mega elaborate and exaggerated reason for things and it all gets too much. Ha!
Its getting cold more often now, and darker earlier - I love it. It makes the house feel so cosy and comfy yet nothing has changed about it. Bring on the blanket!
My christmas present list is growing slowly but steadily...although I'm not looking forward to sending the parcel to my dad in Cyprus. Their postal service sucks mega ass.
Anyways, time for pizza and lots of tv :)

P.S. I figure I need a pre-christmas diet/cut-out so from 1st-30th November I am cutting out sugary foods. Basically I am cutting out sweets, chocolate, cake, biscuits - anything that makes me think "ooooh I fancy a treat".....just thinking about it is depressing, but I am determined to do this to get over my sugar reliance!!!


Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Celebrate Good Times

So i'm having a party.
I'm sorry, but it won't be a virtual party....nor will it be accessible to anyone outside the UK (or anyone outside Chorley really).
I'm going to have a Buffet Party. So, I don't want it to be like a dinner but I also don't want it to be like a party either. Small group of people, bit of food, bring your own beer etc. I have a problem though, who the bejesus do I invite? I don't mean that like I have no friends, errrr.......what I meant was how do I narrow it down? My best friend and her boy are obviously invited but otherwise I'm having trouble with the 'guestlist' for this shindig. I guess deciding roughly how many people I want over is a good place to start, but whats a good number for a buffet? I don't have a big flat for a start....nor do I have a big oven for lots of food. Bah. Any ideas?

I have to end this on the sad news that this evening my Great Aunt Ida passed away. She was my Grandma's Auntie and although somewhat of a distant relative as far as generations go, she was pretty much 'head of the family'. She looked after my Grandma when her parents passed when she was young, looked after my Dad and Uncle when my grandparents needed a break, and looked after me and my cousins when our parents needed a break too. She turned 100 this year and I can honestly say her passing was a long time coming, but we are all sad to see her finally go. Ever a trooper, she was still boisterous and funny in her final months, and never have I heard such a strong cornish accent in a woman. She was an inspiration and I will miss her dearly. (pictured L-R Dad, Auntie Ida, Grandma)

Ida Lanyon 31.05.1909 - 27.10.2009

Sunday, 25 October 2009


"Lay My Head To Rest
Lie Down, Lie In, Drift Away
Sleep Away The Day" - Lynsey Wilkins (Me!), March 09

I wrote that haiku above as a challenge by a friend and I think its very fitting to my weekend. With Jamie having all weekend off for a change and me having all weekend off (like I do every weekend), we took full advantage of having nothing to doing nothing. I am in no way exaggerating when I say that I did not get out of bed yesterday until 5:30pm. Yes, I went out on friday night and yes I had enough to drink to keep me up until 3am (at which time I fell asleep mid-conversation), but normally I get restless staying in bed too long. I didn't sleep the whole time, I'm not that lazy! I just had no motivation to get up, so didn't.
We went to Karl's last night (Karl being my best friend Jill's boyfriend) for a 'Wii and Wine' night....except the Wii wouldn't work right, so we watched some IT Crowd and then somehow got onto the subject of scary stuff and spent hours talking about horror films and disused mental hospitals and the like. Jeeeeeez, walking home scared the crap outta me! When you've spent 3 hours talking about murderers and ghosts and scary things in the dark, walking home at 1am is not a nice experience (not for me anyway). I had a good night though :)

In fact, I've had a very good weekend :)

The clocks went back an hour last night for daylight savings time or whatever the hell it is, but that has brought me further joy from waking up and realising I was entitled to an extra hour in bed! It's only midday! If I wanted to, I could actually go make something of the day.....I'm not going to, but the option is there!
Now I say that, I've looked outside and the weather is actually quite nice. It was raining yesterday but today its a little windy and cold, but crisp and sunny. Hmmmm, a walk in the park might go down well.....


Friday, 23 October 2009

Poisoning The Minds

Hurray, its friday! I love how everybody loves fridays. Even the people who work at the weekend love fridays. I think its because there is some deeply hidden mentality which makes people see the weekend as a time for relaxation (unless you are working), so it calms people down. I am one of the lucky majority who only work monday to friday, and for the first time in ages I have enough pennies to go out for a few drinks tonight! I'm hoping my lack of alcohol over the past few months will have lowered my tolerance, and therefore it won't cost me much to have a good time hehe. No idea what I'm going to wear yet, I have 4 hours still to decide....

For those of you who are not from the UK, I must excuse my need for a little 'vent of frustration' due to the BBC...
Last night Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party (BNP), was on Question Time. Now I normally enjoy watching QT, its very topical and you get a chance to hear MPs and other people involved in politics talking about current affairs etc. There are usually a few different opinions so it always makes for an interesting debate. Last night, however, was just annoying. For those of you who do not know, Nick Griffin and the BNP are notoriously racist and their main policy (pretty much their only policy) is that they want to stop immigration into the UK altogether and then reverse it, making immigrants and assylum seekers leave. Griffin is pretty much one of the mosted hated people in the UK and alot of people protested to him being on QT, saying that he had no right to discuss his views on anything when he is nothing more than a nazi and a bigot. The thing is, he recently became a MEP (Member of the European Parliament) and to get there over 1 million people voted him in. In my opinion, regardless of his racist persona, he has a right to discuss current affairs as much as the next MP...but it seems that now even the BBC disagree.
QT is usually varied as far as opinions go, they try to get members of all 3 main political parties (this doesn't include the BNP) on the panel to get an idea of all angles. As far as i'm concerned, last night's programme was an absolute disgrace as far as the BBC is concerned. I support them bringing Griffin onto the panel, but I DO NOT support them then allowing the rest of the panel and the audience turning the programme into a "who hates Nick Griffin more?" competition! Almost all of the show was filled with questions regarding the BNP/Griffin and their reputation for racism and the only 'current affair' (if you can call it that) which was talked about was Stephen Gately's death!
I agree....that the BNP and its leader are racist and fascist
I agree....that the BNP should not have any say on the running of the country, based on their policies
BUT! Nick Griffin was voted into parliament fair and square and he therefore is entitled to his opinion on current political issues just like any other MP. He was treated very unfairly and it really annoyed me! ARGH!

Anyway, enough of politics! It's a friday so that means I'm actually leaving the house! To go here:

Have some drinks with some people and hopefully end up like this:

Happy Days xx

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Ever-haunting Melody...

Do you ever get a song stuck in your head so much that you wanna rip your face off and pull the song out of your brain??!!.......just me then? Ugh.
"I left my heart in Tokyo, down by the river don't you know...." - SHUT UP!

So I pulled my head out of the sand/bucked up the courage/stopped being a complete wuss and spoke to Jamie about my 'problem'. I didn't enjoy the conversation and felt like a bit of a tit to be honest, but I'm glad I did because he totally understood. I feel so much better, he was glad I told him, so all is good again in my wonderful land :)

Talking of J, he has all weekend off for a change so we are going to actually go out for a drink tomorrow night and socialise. I'm starting to forget what people look like and how cider & blackcurrant tastes....

I have thrown myself fully into the christmas preparations. I have bought 4 things for J so far, have 2/3 more in mind, I know what I'm getting my dad and am in the process of picking a tree. I'm looking forward to decorating and planning it all alot more that I thought I'd be. It's so exciting having someone new to spend it all with too! I think I will miss the whole 'Rennison Family Christmas' thing as I got very used to it and I did enjoy it being so family-orientated because it was something I lost very young when my parents divorced....but now I no longer go to my parents for dinner it means I have the responsibility of making sure it goes right, so it will start to lose it's sparkle a little I guess. I am excited though.

I don't have much to say today, because.....well, nothing has happened! I have been at work. I've watched tv at home. I've slept. Oh what an exciting life I lead!

So I will leave you with a thought for the day....

"in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different" - unknown


Friday, 16 October 2009

Bloggers Block

Hey, so for some reason I'm having mega trouble thinking of something to write about. I mean its not like I have done nothing at all the past few days...but I think I need to start writing it all down. My memory has got beyond horrific in the past 12 months or so and I feel a notepad in my bag is in order.

I'm going to try to remember as much as I can and to save waffling too much when my memory comes back I think I'll bullet point it...

* I have absolutely no memory of what I did on sunday. Like, at all.

* Monday and Tuesday I was off work because I've been a little run down recently (probably why my memory is shot). Jamie wasn't working monday-wednesday so he looked after me and made me feel better. If you remember a bit ago I bought myself Bert and he is sooo cute. Well to make me feel better while I've been ill Jamie bought me some more 'Blue Nose Friends' and they are just adorable!
These guys accompanied with some chocolates, lots of tea and lots of hugs made me feel so much better!

* Work was kind of quiet this week. My boss is on holiday in Cuba until the end of next week so it all slows down a bit.

* The Cake Fair is in town for half term. Its ace because it smells of candy floss and hot dogs when I walk through town.....although it isn't the nicest smell at 10 in the morning. And I really have no idea why its called the cake fair because theres no damned cakes!

* I finally got to buy some 'proper' food this week. Me and Jamie did an online grocery shop and it felt soooo good! Now I have fruit and vegetables and fresh meat and ahhhh its wonderful! Makes me sound like a weirdo, but its been ages since I could afford to buy fresh food.

* I almost lost my nerve with the bank again, charges and payments and stuff but luckily the girl there was amazing and sorted it all for me.

* I've bought some christmas presents already! Yay! I'm in 'list mode' at the moment, trying to come up with gift ideas. I had my first mince pie of the year tonight and it was yummy :)

* I also bought myself a nice new dress :) Me and Jamie are going to see his family next month for the pre-christmas visit and he said we might be going out for dinner so I am prepared-wardrobe wise at least.
* Its the weekend which means I get two lie-ins woopwoop! I damned well need it this week, my sleeping pattern is in ruins.

Talking of which, I reckon its bedtime about now (12:15am) x

P.S. How cute is this necklace? My dad and step-mum sent it me, it was handmade by this guy in Paphos Harbour (and thats my real name by the way...)

Saturday, 10 October 2009


So i've had a bit of a film day today. Jamie was asleep til like 5pm and there was nothing else I had to do so I thought i'd catch up on some filmage. I watched Marley & Me this morning and my lord I cried like a baby! I knew it was going to be sad but I so didn't expect to get so upset over it, but when I think about it I guess it had alot of similarities to when I had my dog when I was younger so it must've touched a subconscious nerve. Despite the sadness I really did think it was an ace film, although people have said the book is better (the books usually are).
Then I watched Night At The Museum 2. It was as I expected, I enjoyed it but wouldn't have gone to the cinema for it. Loved the cameo by Jonah Hill (he is so creeping up my favourite actor list, the top guy still being Steve Buscemi) but nothing surprising.
Then lastly I watched Adventureland and I most certainly it! I'm a bit of a sucker for teen-mid twenties indie films and always have been so this ticked all my boxes. It was a little annoying how Kirsten Stewart was almost the same character as she is in Twilight though, I dunno maybe its something she does in normal life but she always looks awkward and grabs her hair....anyways, so yeah I totally loved it!

I don't know why but I have an urge to talk about myself today (tonight, technically its 11:30pm here!). I guess that sounds a bit arrogant but I often find myself talking or thinking about other people or things so it feels like a 'me' night. I wasn't really sure what to say though so I thought I'd post one of those survey things that get passed around myspace, facebook, etc. They usually have interesting(ish) questions in so why not!

Here goes:

Who was the last person you rang?: My mum
What does the 6th message of your phone say?: "Mandy is running the London half marathon tomorrow!"
Who was it from?: My step-mum, Max
Who makes you smile?: I make myself smile alot :) Jamie makes me smile every day, my best friend Jill makes me smile all the time!
Who puts you in a bad mood?? Usually myself
Who's your loudest mate?: Jill, especially if she is with me hehe
Has your heart ever been broken?: Yes, but in the long run it was the best thing that happened to me
Where do you wanna get married?: I used to be dead set on Fowey (a little village in Cornwall, UK) but now I don't care as long as its to who I want it to be :)
Where would you get your 1st tattoo?: I already have my 1st tattoo (followed by 3 more), 1st was the letter Q on my lower back
Who do you fancy?: My Jamie obviously......and I have teeny tiny crushes on Jake Gyllenhaal and Jared Leto - man, I like people with J names!
If you were being chased by an alligator, what would you do? Run to the side, not straight forward
Have you seen anyone lately that you don't get along with but you said hi anyways? Not that I can remember

Scary or Funny?: If its movies then both
Shower or Bath?: Usually shower, a bath once in a while to relax
Rollercoaster or Merry-go-round?: Rollercoaster all the way
Chocolate or Vanilla?: If its ice cream its a dead 50/50, can't decide
Summer or Winter?: Summer for the park, Winter for snuggling
Silver or Gold?: Silver
Text or Ring?: Text if its quick but long phonecalls are ace
Hot or Cold?: Hot if i'm on holiday, cold when I can snuggle
Singing or Dancing?: Dancing!

Go sky diving?: Probably as a tandem yeah
Go scuba-diving?: I'd like to
Go travelling?: I try to when I can afford it
Get married?: Yes yes yes yes yes!
Have kids?: Totally, I can't wait to be a mummy
Move to a different county/country?: I guess so, why not
Kiss a stranger?: Totally not now, I am perfectly happy with kissing J!
Use someone?: No, I'm usually the used one!
Have sex?: I would indeed!
Kiss your mates boyfriend?: Ummmmm no!

Listening to?: Friendly Fires
Singing?: along to Friendly Fires haha
Eating?: Nothing, I had a nice big dinner
Drinking?: Vimto
Online?: Errrr yeah, obviously
Nail colour?: None, I rarely wear any nail polish
On the phone to?: No one
Wearing make-up?: No, I never do
Hairstyle?: Up and kind of straggly
Jewellery?: None today, i'm in lazy mode
Touching?: The keyboard to type this
Feeling?: Quite good, a little tired as usual and missing J
Thinking about?: Everything and nothing
Wanting?: Wednesday to hurry up, I hate waiting for payday

Spell your name without vowels: LYNSY WLKNS
Are you single? Not in the slightest
Whats your favourite number? I don't really have one
What colour do you wear most? I suppose black, but its technically not a colour so I guess purple
Least favourite colour? Hmmmm, I don't really dislike any colour. I don't like orange that much...
Do you smoke? No! Bleurgh
Are you happy with your life right now? I suppose....its getting better and better :)
Do you regret anything? No, the choices we make map out our future and I am happy with the way things are panning out
What was your favourite class in school? Maths...yeah ok ok, I was a geek!
How do you make money? By selling music memorabilia wooo!
Where do you go to school? Hahahaha, ermmmm I WENT to Penwortham Girls High School in Preston (UK)...left 8 years ago
Are you outgoing? When I need to be....usually if I'm on a night out
Where do you wish you were right now? Nowhere.....anywhere. I don't know.
Do you have a crush on anyone right now? My Jamie! I totally still have a girly crush on him, he's a hotty hahaha.

Are you currently mad at someone? Not at all
Which family member has the worst temper? Hmmmm, I guess my step-mum or maybe my youngest brother
When you're mad do you prefer to stare angrily or yell? I do neither, I am a sulker. I don't say anything and just create tension in the room haha.

Has anyone ever thrown a surprise party for you? No, I wish!
If you won a million dollars what would your first thoughts? I know its boring but I'd be thinking how glad I was to be able to pay off my debt....then probably SHOPPING AHOY!
If you could have anything right now, what would it be? No debt....and my dad not living in another country

Name? Lynsey Wilkins (I want a middle name!)
What's your main goal in life? Short-term to be out of debt, long-term to be happy and have a family
Do you want to have children? Totally :) can't wait
How do you want to die? Painlessly

Sex before marriage? Yes, why not!
Abortion? Tough one. Depends on the individual situation
Recycling? If I can

What are you doing now? Answering this
What did you do today? Watched films

Is? Sunday
What are you going to do? Snuggle up with Jamie when he gets home in the morning, I don't know...probably more films haha

Like someone? Yesssss
Do they know it? Of course he does, I tell him every day!
Is it a simple or complicated situation? It used to be hard work but now its simply wonderful! (god i'm a sap!)
Does someone like you? I damn well hope so!
Miss someone? Yep, I miss my Dad every single day :( I wish he'd move back
How do you feel? Tired and a little achey
Favorite Musician as of now? Hmmmm, I like ALOT of people right now. Loving Temper Trap at the moment.
What song is stuck in your head? Skeleton Boy!! :) (my fave Friendly Fires song)

Have you ever really cried your heart out? Yes, god yes!
Have you ever cried yourself to sleep? Unfortunately yes
Have you ever cried on your friend's shoulder? Yes, and my mum's and dad's, and my brother's....
Do you cry when you get an injury? No I just moan alot. I'm a big moaner.

Are you a happy person? Yes. And I am getting happier
What can always make you happy? Comfort is the main thing. A hug of Jamie does me wonders
Do you wish you were happier? I'd like to say no, but I know that I will be happier soon

Whoa, that was a LONG quiz thing! Sorry, I had no idea haha.
Right i'm off to make my bedtime brew ready for some reading.

Q xx

Thursday, 8 October 2009


I actually wrote this last night, but wasn't going to post twice in a day! So anyways...

I just realised I haven't actually said anything about my job (well not really anyway) and its actually pretty cool so I thought I'd let you all know! I work for a company called Tracks - its a music memorabilia company. I do most of the website stuff , pack/send all the different memorabilia to our customers and take promotional photos amongst other things. Its pretty freaking cool because I spend most of my time doing something or other with music memorabilia from the 60s and 70s! Alot of it is The Beatles because that is our main focus but I have recently handled Rolling Stones, T Rex and Led Zeppelin stuff too.

But thats not the best thing about my job, oh no.

Not only is it a job I enjoy, being the music freak that I am....but it is also 5 doors down from my flat!!! Thats right, I get to literally roll out of bed 30 mins before I start work :)

So there you go. I enjoy my job and feel quite lucky with the whole set-up so wanted to share it with you guys. Check out the website!!

Q xx

P.S. For those of you I may have confused yesterday, this is what I meant when I said conkers

Cake Withdrawal

Ok first off, please don't shout at me people....but is it really that bad to have 5 profiteroles and a cinnamon whirl for dessert? I was really hungry when I went to the supermarket and they were both reduced.. I had a normal dinner! With vegetables! Ok, ok my guilt is justified. I guess I'll just have to walk around the lounge a few times later :P

So I've been have a computer-free few days (outside work hours I mean) and I have done lots of nice things like seeing Toy Story 3D at the cinema last night (I looked AMAZING in 3D glasses haha), followed by Nandos for dinner (yumyumyum), played lost at monopoly and lots of snuggling with my Jamie.
Toy Story 3D is soooo good! You have to pay £1 on-top of the ticket cost for it but it was so woth it! All the adverts were 3D too, including one for Avatar which is a film I am highly anticipating. It had been so long since I went to Nandos, I had no idea that they now do those little handywipes! They did indeed come in very handy for J, as he had chicken wings and made a big mess haha. He'd never been before and he enjoyed it so pat on the back for me and my choice of dinner. I also managed to detour us to Asda for a look around before we got the train home and I just couldn't help but buy myself some DVDS! I have a weakness for Disney so how could I resist a 2 for £12 deal! So I came home with Pochahontas and Pinocchio yay :)
I'm trying to make as much as I can with Jamie's time off work and so far we have been doing well with it. Unfortunately he is back to work again tonight and will be until monday afternoon so cue 3 nights on my own again.

I'm disappointed to admit to it, but I think I have Cake Withdrawal Symptoms. After almost 2 weeks of eating the huge Wall-E cake I got J for his birthday there is now no more cake in the house...and I want some SOOOO much!!! *cries* Which is why I gorged myself on profiteroles etc earlier on, and I can honestly say now that my cravings have gone... for now at least.
I keep kidding myself that I will start a healthier diet soon, but it just doesn't seem to be happening. I partly blame it on money but to be honest I am just massively lazy. Its annoying because I really LOVE salad! If it was in my fridge and ready to go then I could happily eat it every singly day without fail, but I just cannot be bothered preparing it! Gah.
Talking of healthy eating, I am pretty sure that I have put weight on. On my thighs. My reason for this? Well, I discovered this the other day:
I have no idea how or when it happened, but for some reason my jeans have ripped (across-ways not down) and its the only reason I can give...

I'm going to end this with a tip for the coming months...
With the weather getting colder you tend to notice more spiders coming to seek shelter indoors. Wanna stop this from happening? Well supposedly they don't like conkers, and putting them around your window and door frames will stop them coming near. (I have no idea if this works, but I've been told by many-a-person that its true!)

Q xx

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Jingle Jingle

Ok so this is only a quickie tonight (oooh errr!) because I cannot let myself sit here for hours again! I get a bit caught up in the internet sometimes reading about people's lives and looking at things I can't or shouldn't buy - I need a break from it!
So as you can tell, i'm a little chirpier today and thats because I sorted my rent problem! Yay! I rang my landlord-contact-woman and said my pay was going to be a week late and she just said that it was all cool and I could just pay it a week later - HURRAH! So money is sorted, i'm back to normal and super happy :)
It also meant that I could re-plan my day out with my mum, so we went to Preston and had a *tiny* bit of retail therapy and it made me feel soooo much better. Buying things makes you feel great, it really does. I started buying my christmas things this afternoon - I ordered wrapping paper and a nice snowflake tablecloth and have been browsing for a new tree. I'm not sure where the hell i'm going to fit a tree but I will certainly try! It's making me a little bit excited about the festive season this year...
J is at work again tonight but he has monday - wednesday night off so we are planning more monopoly and hopefully the previously cancelled cinema trip too!
Oh, and i'm thinking of joining my local photographic society soon. I picked up a leaflet and have checked out the website and figure it'd be a cool place to meet some other picture people. My mum has suggested I join a Tai Chi class with her too but i'm not sure...could be good I guess? Anyone do Tai Chi? I dont' really know much about it.
I'm off to fill the kettle for a night infront of the tv, toodles!

Friday, 2 October 2009

Show Me The Money

It seems very fitting that I am watching Jerry Maguire right now, as I have had a rather frustrating day and its all been because of money - i'll try not to ramble but here it is from the start...

Yesterday J spoke to people at his (new-ish) work and they told him he'd get paid on 7th october. *HURRAH* from me because our rent comes out on 12th so we will have enough money to cover it (we were previously crapping our pants because we were short this month). So we treated ourselves to a Maccy D's for dinner last night, I had planned a wine + Wii night with my friends, a day out with my mum tomorrow and Toy Story 3D at the cinema next wednesday. Yay! you say, what wonderful plans - me too, or so I thought. He went to work at 7:30pm as normal, I started getting ready for my wine + Wii night and he rings me.. "hey honey, I have some bad news...payday isn't until 13th"

THE 13TH!!!! Thats the day AFTER the rent goes out. I.E. we can't pay the freaking rent.

Bang goes the wine + Wii night tonight.
Say goodbye to the day out with my mum tomorrow.
Don't even mention the cinema next week.
Its all not happening. BAH!

I now have to drag my poor self to the bank tomorrow morning and request/beg for a temporary overdraft for a week. I so don't wanna do this. At all. If that fails I have to lower myself further and ask my landlord if I can delay the payment. Urgh. The cause of all this trouble? - money. moola. cash. You can't get enough of it, its controls your whole life, when you don't have it you want it, when you do have it its not enough.

However, to lighten this entry (because lets face it, i've depressed myself a little with all this) let me introduce you to my new friend Bert:
He is the CUTEST little thing I have ever seen! Me and Jamie saw them in a shop a bit ago and when I went back they had sold out of these bees (there are like 40ish different animals), but today I went past again and he was back! So now he is mine and I have named him Bert and he is keeping me company while J is at work heehee.
Me and my beloved have had a nice few days while he's been off work. I kicked his ass at Scrabble and kicked his ass even more at Monopoly (in his defense, he'd never played it before!) and we had a snuggle night yesterday with the blanket in our PJs watching a film...talking of which Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus is hilarious!!! It was so awful it made itself amazing. So if you haven't seen it then get on it superfast!
You know when sometimes you have those moments where you feel like you've fallen in love all over again? I get that all the time :) I mean look -
I get butterflies just looking at the guy!
Tra la la. I've cheered myself up a bit now. Time for another cup of tea...