Friday, 16 October 2009

Bloggers Block

Hey, so for some reason I'm having mega trouble thinking of something to write about. I mean its not like I have done nothing at all the past few days...but I think I need to start writing it all down. My memory has got beyond horrific in the past 12 months or so and I feel a notepad in my bag is in order.

I'm going to try to remember as much as I can and to save waffling too much when my memory comes back I think I'll bullet point it...

* I have absolutely no memory of what I did on sunday. Like, at all.

* Monday and Tuesday I was off work because I've been a little run down recently (probably why my memory is shot). Jamie wasn't working monday-wednesday so he looked after me and made me feel better. If you remember a bit ago I bought myself Bert and he is sooo cute. Well to make me feel better while I've been ill Jamie bought me some more 'Blue Nose Friends' and they are just adorable!
These guys accompanied with some chocolates, lots of tea and lots of hugs made me feel so much better!

* Work was kind of quiet this week. My boss is on holiday in Cuba until the end of next week so it all slows down a bit.

* The Cake Fair is in town for half term. Its ace because it smells of candy floss and hot dogs when I walk through town.....although it isn't the nicest smell at 10 in the morning. And I really have no idea why its called the cake fair because theres no damned cakes!

* I finally got to buy some 'proper' food this week. Me and Jamie did an online grocery shop and it felt soooo good! Now I have fruit and vegetables and fresh meat and ahhhh its wonderful! Makes me sound like a weirdo, but its been ages since I could afford to buy fresh food.

* I almost lost my nerve with the bank again, charges and payments and stuff but luckily the girl there was amazing and sorted it all for me.

* I've bought some christmas presents already! Yay! I'm in 'list mode' at the moment, trying to come up with gift ideas. I had my first mince pie of the year tonight and it was yummy :)

* I also bought myself a nice new dress :) Me and Jamie are going to see his family next month for the pre-christmas visit and he said we might be going out for dinner so I am prepared-wardrobe wise at least.
* Its the weekend which means I get two lie-ins woopwoop! I damned well need it this week, my sleeping pattern is in ruins.

Talking of which, I reckon its bedtime about now (12:15am) x

P.S. How cute is this necklace? My dad and step-mum sent it me, it was handmade by this guy in Paphos Harbour (and thats my real name by the way...)

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