Thursday, 8 October 2009

Cake Withdrawal

Ok first off, please don't shout at me people....but is it really that bad to have 5 profiteroles and a cinnamon whirl for dessert? I was really hungry when I went to the supermarket and they were both reduced.. I had a normal dinner! With vegetables! Ok, ok my guilt is justified. I guess I'll just have to walk around the lounge a few times later :P

So I've been have a computer-free few days (outside work hours I mean) and I have done lots of nice things like seeing Toy Story 3D at the cinema last night (I looked AMAZING in 3D glasses haha), followed by Nandos for dinner (yumyumyum), played lost at monopoly and lots of snuggling with my Jamie.
Toy Story 3D is soooo good! You have to pay £1 on-top of the ticket cost for it but it was so woth it! All the adverts were 3D too, including one for Avatar which is a film I am highly anticipating. It had been so long since I went to Nandos, I had no idea that they now do those little handywipes! They did indeed come in very handy for J, as he had chicken wings and made a big mess haha. He'd never been before and he enjoyed it so pat on the back for me and my choice of dinner. I also managed to detour us to Asda for a look around before we got the train home and I just couldn't help but buy myself some DVDS! I have a weakness for Disney so how could I resist a 2 for £12 deal! So I came home with Pochahontas and Pinocchio yay :)
I'm trying to make as much as I can with Jamie's time off work and so far we have been doing well with it. Unfortunately he is back to work again tonight and will be until monday afternoon so cue 3 nights on my own again.

I'm disappointed to admit to it, but I think I have Cake Withdrawal Symptoms. After almost 2 weeks of eating the huge Wall-E cake I got J for his birthday there is now no more cake in the house...and I want some SOOOO much!!! *cries* Which is why I gorged myself on profiteroles etc earlier on, and I can honestly say now that my cravings have gone... for now at least.
I keep kidding myself that I will start a healthier diet soon, but it just doesn't seem to be happening. I partly blame it on money but to be honest I am just massively lazy. Its annoying because I really LOVE salad! If it was in my fridge and ready to go then I could happily eat it every singly day without fail, but I just cannot be bothered preparing it! Gah.
Talking of healthy eating, I am pretty sure that I have put weight on. On my thighs. My reason for this? Well, I discovered this the other day:
I have no idea how or when it happened, but for some reason my jeans have ripped (across-ways not down) and its the only reason I can give...

I'm going to end this with a tip for the coming months...
With the weather getting colder you tend to notice more spiders coming to seek shelter indoors. Wanna stop this from happening? Well supposedly they don't like conkers, and putting them around your window and door frames will stop them coming near. (I have no idea if this works, but I've been told by many-a-person that its true!)

Q xx

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Summer said...

Okay, am I weird that I don't know what a concker is?