Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Celebrate Good Times

So i'm having a party.
I'm sorry, but it won't be a virtual party....nor will it be accessible to anyone outside the UK (or anyone outside Chorley really).
I'm going to have a Buffet Party. So, I don't want it to be like a dinner but I also don't want it to be like a party either. Small group of people, bit of food, bring your own beer etc. I have a problem though, who the bejesus do I invite? I don't mean that like I have no friends, errrr.......what I meant was how do I narrow it down? My best friend and her boy are obviously invited but otherwise I'm having trouble with the 'guestlist' for this shindig. I guess deciding roughly how many people I want over is a good place to start, but whats a good number for a buffet? I don't have a big flat for a start....nor do I have a big oven for lots of food. Bah. Any ideas?

I have to end this on the sad news that this evening my Great Aunt Ida passed away. She was my Grandma's Auntie and although somewhat of a distant relative as far as generations go, she was pretty much 'head of the family'. She looked after my Grandma when her parents passed when she was young, looked after my Dad and Uncle when my grandparents needed a break, and looked after me and my cousins when our parents needed a break too. She turned 100 this year and I can honestly say her passing was a long time coming, but we are all sad to see her finally go. Ever a trooper, she was still boisterous and funny in her final months, and never have I heard such a strong cornish accent in a woman. She was an inspiration and I will miss her dearly. (pictured L-R Dad, Auntie Ida, Grandma)

Ida Lanyon 31.05.1909 - 27.10.2009

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Sharon said...

I always think 20 is nice, but it depends on your space and how much cooking you want to do!

I love to have cheese, wine, crackers and roasted veggies.. a great and pretty buffet, but not too much scrambling to keep it going.

Good luck!!