Sunday, 4 October 2009

Jingle Jingle

Ok so this is only a quickie tonight (oooh errr!) because I cannot let myself sit here for hours again! I get a bit caught up in the internet sometimes reading about people's lives and looking at things I can't or shouldn't buy - I need a break from it!
So as you can tell, i'm a little chirpier today and thats because I sorted my rent problem! Yay! I rang my landlord-contact-woman and said my pay was going to be a week late and she just said that it was all cool and I could just pay it a week later - HURRAH! So money is sorted, i'm back to normal and super happy :)
It also meant that I could re-plan my day out with my mum, so we went to Preston and had a *tiny* bit of retail therapy and it made me feel soooo much better. Buying things makes you feel great, it really does. I started buying my christmas things this afternoon - I ordered wrapping paper and a nice snowflake tablecloth and have been browsing for a new tree. I'm not sure where the hell i'm going to fit a tree but I will certainly try! It's making me a little bit excited about the festive season this year...
J is at work again tonight but he has monday - wednesday night off so we are planning more monopoly and hopefully the previously cancelled cinema trip too!
Oh, and i'm thinking of joining my local photographic society soon. I picked up a leaflet and have checked out the website and figure it'd be a cool place to meet some other picture people. My mum has suggested I join a Tai Chi class with her too but i'm not sure...could be good I guess? Anyone do Tai Chi? I dont' really know much about it.
I'm off to fill the kettle for a night infront of the tv, toodles!


Summer said...

Ooooh, retail therapy. There is nothing better or more curing in all the world.

Jennifer Brindley said...

I've never done Tai Chi but my Uncle loves it! And I can't believe you've started your Christmas shopping already. BOO! I don't want winter to come. Are you near Harrods? That place is amazing. Had my first Turkish Delight there. (Yuck!)

;) <3
~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

Jennifer Brindley said...

Okay nevermind, just realized you're in Chorley, not London. Doh! You're almost 4 hours away.

(UK is not all London, Jenn. UK is not all London, Jenn.) ;)

Umm, so have you been to Harrods? It's awesome. (smacks forehead.)