Friday, 23 October 2009

Poisoning The Minds

Hurray, its friday! I love how everybody loves fridays. Even the people who work at the weekend love fridays. I think its because there is some deeply hidden mentality which makes people see the weekend as a time for relaxation (unless you are working), so it calms people down. I am one of the lucky majority who only work monday to friday, and for the first time in ages I have enough pennies to go out for a few drinks tonight! I'm hoping my lack of alcohol over the past few months will have lowered my tolerance, and therefore it won't cost me much to have a good time hehe. No idea what I'm going to wear yet, I have 4 hours still to decide....

For those of you who are not from the UK, I must excuse my need for a little 'vent of frustration' due to the BBC...
Last night Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party (BNP), was on Question Time. Now I normally enjoy watching QT, its very topical and you get a chance to hear MPs and other people involved in politics talking about current affairs etc. There are usually a few different opinions so it always makes for an interesting debate. Last night, however, was just annoying. For those of you who do not know, Nick Griffin and the BNP are notoriously racist and their main policy (pretty much their only policy) is that they want to stop immigration into the UK altogether and then reverse it, making immigrants and assylum seekers leave. Griffin is pretty much one of the mosted hated people in the UK and alot of people protested to him being on QT, saying that he had no right to discuss his views on anything when he is nothing more than a nazi and a bigot. The thing is, he recently became a MEP (Member of the European Parliament) and to get there over 1 million people voted him in. In my opinion, regardless of his racist persona, he has a right to discuss current affairs as much as the next MP...but it seems that now even the BBC disagree.
QT is usually varied as far as opinions go, they try to get members of all 3 main political parties (this doesn't include the BNP) on the panel to get an idea of all angles. As far as i'm concerned, last night's programme was an absolute disgrace as far as the BBC is concerned. I support them bringing Griffin onto the panel, but I DO NOT support them then allowing the rest of the panel and the audience turning the programme into a "who hates Nick Griffin more?" competition! Almost all of the show was filled with questions regarding the BNP/Griffin and their reputation for racism and the only 'current affair' (if you can call it that) which was talked about was Stephen Gately's death!
I agree....that the BNP and its leader are racist and fascist
I agree....that the BNP should not have any say on the running of the country, based on their policies
BUT! Nick Griffin was voted into parliament fair and square and he therefore is entitled to his opinion on current political issues just like any other MP. He was treated very unfairly and it really annoyed me! ARGH!

Anyway, enough of politics! It's a friday so that means I'm actually leaving the house! To go here:

Have some drinks with some people and hopefully end up like this:

Happy Days xx

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Nomad said...

its sad that you guys know so much about our politics and i know nothing of these people... just sad...