Friday, 2 October 2009

Show Me The Money

It seems very fitting that I am watching Jerry Maguire right now, as I have had a rather frustrating day and its all been because of money - i'll try not to ramble but here it is from the start...

Yesterday J spoke to people at his (new-ish) work and they told him he'd get paid on 7th october. *HURRAH* from me because our rent comes out on 12th so we will have enough money to cover it (we were previously crapping our pants because we were short this month). So we treated ourselves to a Maccy D's for dinner last night, I had planned a wine + Wii night with my friends, a day out with my mum tomorrow and Toy Story 3D at the cinema next wednesday. Yay! you say, what wonderful plans - me too, or so I thought. He went to work at 7:30pm as normal, I started getting ready for my wine + Wii night and he rings me.. "hey honey, I have some bad news...payday isn't until 13th"

THE 13TH!!!! Thats the day AFTER the rent goes out. I.E. we can't pay the freaking rent.

Bang goes the wine + Wii night tonight.
Say goodbye to the day out with my mum tomorrow.
Don't even mention the cinema next week.
Its all not happening. BAH!

I now have to drag my poor self to the bank tomorrow morning and request/beg for a temporary overdraft for a week. I so don't wanna do this. At all. If that fails I have to lower myself further and ask my landlord if I can delay the payment. Urgh. The cause of all this trouble? - money. moola. cash. You can't get enough of it, its controls your whole life, when you don't have it you want it, when you do have it its not enough.

However, to lighten this entry (because lets face it, i've depressed myself a little with all this) let me introduce you to my new friend Bert:
He is the CUTEST little thing I have ever seen! Me and Jamie saw them in a shop a bit ago and when I went back they had sold out of these bees (there are like 40ish different animals), but today I went past again and he was back! So now he is mine and I have named him Bert and he is keeping me company while J is at work heehee.
Me and my beloved have had a nice few days while he's been off work. I kicked his ass at Scrabble and kicked his ass even more at Monopoly (in his defense, he'd never played it before!) and we had a snuggle night yesterday with the blanket in our PJs watching a film...talking of which Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus is hilarious!!! It was so awful it made itself amazing. So if you haven't seen it then get on it superfast!
You know when sometimes you have those moments where you feel like you've fallen in love all over again? I get that all the time :) I mean look -
I get butterflies just looking at the guy!
Tra la la. I've cheered myself up a bit now. Time for another cup of tea...


Jennifer Brindley said...

Aww, he's ADORABLE! :)

And thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my "Sad Panda" blog entry. I really appreciate your kind words and I really like your suggestions. I'm gonna take them to heart. Thanks again, it means a lot! :)

~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

Nomad said...

i like the tattoo!