Monday, 2 November 2009

Find The Perfect Mix

See this is how annoyed I get with my own brain - yesterday I was moaning about debt and money and stuff, today I am totally ok! I am planning more christmas presents, working out in my head what my wages are going on this week. I need to get a hold of my thought scale!

Day Two of No Sweets/Dessert Month - doing pretty darned ok. Had a can of Vimto at work and half a spoon of sugar in my cup of tea earlier to keep me going haha. It doesn't feel too hard to be honest but I might not have hit withdrawal yet. A guy I used to work with tried to stop drinking Coca-Cola after averaging 3 cans a day and it made him really ill :/ I haven't cut out fizzy drinks so that helps (although I don't drink them very often anyway), but I realised this afternoon that Bonfire Night on thursday is going to mean cotton candy....and I really will want some! I might get Jamie to buy some and then have a tiny mouthful. I'm not planning to cut sugary stuff out of my diet completely, I just want to make sure I'm right in thinking that its the main thing that is making me feel fat and bloated alot. I mean, as far as savoury food goes I eat pretty well. I cook alot of proper meals with good amounts of vegetables, not too much hopefully its the flipping sugar-based goodies and I can learn to cut down!

Talking of Bonfire Night...yay! We're going to Worden Park, Leyland this year because there isn't going to be one in Chorley (weirdly). I love it so much, its like the night of the year that really says "hey guys, its totally winter out here!" Big coats and scarves and gloves and hugs while watching fireworks :) Can't wait.

Right, J is at work tonight so that means one thing for me - time to do some washing! (joy.) Chores make the night go faster so I don't have to sit on my own (i'd go out but pay day just isn't here yet!)


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