Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Hold My Breath

Following on from what I said about my up/down/up/down thoughts in yesterday's post, today would be a perfect scream, moan and stamp my feet day. I have been royally f**ked over by the bank...yet again...BUT, I'm going to refrain. I don't want to get a reputation for being a moaner, my life isn't always this bad. I just seem to be going through a bad patch financially. So I am not going to talk about it anymore, it just brings me down and I really need things to keep my head up at the moment...

I'm going to Scotland next weekend. Its going to be slightly weird because I got so used to the 3hr train journey on my own (visiting J before he moved down here with me) - I used to just go into my own world on the train....but now we'll both be going up to visit his family for a few days so I will have to be fully social for the journey and more importantly awake! I figure a pack of cards will sort it....anyone else have any ideas for time-killers on the train?
I'm looking forward to going up there but at the same time it upsets me a little. Not because I don't want to be there, I totally do!....its just that it makes me wish I could see my family too. I have my mum up the road but we aren't 'close'. It makes me think back to family christmas's when I was younger, when my parents were together. Both sets of grandparents would come and stay and we'd have such a good time - lots of board games, watching films and a huge dinner with us all squashed round the table. It was even still good when it was just me, Dad, Max (stepmum), Dan and Adam (stepbrothers). I guess Christmas gets a little quiet in that stage between leaving your family and starting your own.
It'll be good though, Jamie is taking me out for dinner with his brother, cousin and mum to this gorgeous restaurant called Elliotts and I have a lovely new purple dress I got from ASOS a couple of weeks ago to wear for it. Did I mention I love purple? I love purple.

Oh before I forget - as of next week, I will start doing Post-It Tuesdays
One of the guys I follow, Meeko does it every week and it looks a fun challenge so I'm up!

Oh and P.S. - Day Three of No Sweets/Dessert Month, still ok......for now



Miss Jessica Rabbit said...

Banks always fuck me over, it's just your banks way of reminding you that you kinda pay them for their services.... If you can call it that :S

Well done on the no sweetie thingy, I wouldn't have even lasted 3 seconds, let alone days!

Summer said...

Woah!!! No sweets for a month?!?

You go girl....

And hang in there....it will get better. It always does!

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS to say hi!

The Blonde Duck said...

I just saw you popped in on me yesterday! Great minds think alike!

I hope fruit doesn't count as a sweet!

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

My mothers favorite color was purple. I miss my quiet christmases back when my hubby and I were first married but I also love doing the santa thing with my kids.

Boomka said...

Listen, I will be honest with you. This no desserts or sweets for a month is admirable. It really is. But it is stressing me out. That may be why I hate a handful of halloween candy for lunch the other day. I spent the weekend binging and I though I would eat healthy this week but no, some bastard Crunch bar was screaming at me from my desk drawer so I had to murder him with my teeth. But I mean, more power to you! Do it for all of us!

Miss Jessica Rabbit said...

Crunch bars are my fave!! Mmmm
Good job it's piddling down here, otherwise I'd be out like a shot to the shop to buy a box.


Melissa B. said...

But there's always a silver lining...it's FRIDAY! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did. TGIF!

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