Wednesday, 25 November 2009

In A Rich Man's World...

Hurray for Pay Day!....It's all being saved for next week's bills though, boo.

I forgot to say the other day - I went to the dentist on monday (boo!). I used to not mind going at all, but after having a mega accident 3 years ago (where I got dropped face-first onto a kerb and had to have my jaw re-set and lips sewn up and all sorts...bleurgh) I've had to have alot of work done and I don't like it one bit :(
When I have some money I am saving like there's no tomorrow for veneers or implants or something because I totally can't hack it! Although, I have to admit my dentist is very sympathetic, he offers me anaesthetic for everything and he got me into a sedation clinic to have some teeth out because he knew I would freak being awake. So big love to my lovely greek dentist man!

There are two big stories in the news at the moment here in the UK -
First is the ongoing flooding issue in Scotland and North West England. Thankfully I am not quite north enough to get it - I'm just getting alot of annoying rain, but it really isn't nice to see so many people having lost their businesses, homes and livelihoods. The government has pledged some money to help out...but they can't really do anything until the rain stops, and it's been going on for a week now..
Second is the result of the British banks being taken to court. Basically, if you don't know - the British banks got taken to court to because the charges they raise for customers going overdrawn is extortionate (currently standing at around £35, regardless of how much you go overdrawn by). The court case has taken two years and today the Supreme Court ruled that they didn't have to do anything about the charges at all! So that leaves over 1 million UK people a little bit annoyed because they had put in claims to get the charges back and now they won't get a penny.
I'm split between both sides - On one hand I can see the customers point because £35 really is too much, especially when it doesn't matter whether you go 1p or £100 over, and the banks make literally billions in profits already. However, the banks make the charges so high to try scare people into not going overdrawn without asking - at the end of the day they are spending money that isn't theirs and if all we had was cash we'd not be able to do it.
Its just annoying that this can happen while we're still feeling the sting of recession, and while the banks get bailed out by the Government and the Bank Of England because they can't manage their funds right, the consumer gets no help at all. Not to mention the VAT is going back up from 15% to 17.5% in the new year!! Pffft.

Anywho, enough depressing news talk!
A couple of you have requested I put pictures up of my christmas tree this year - Don't worry, it will be up here like a flash! I'm currently waiting for it to be delivered and it'll be up in a week or so maybe....I think I might wait until 1st December. So i'll let you know when :)

Right, i'm off to watch Bruce Almighty with a nice cup of tea :)



Rachel Cotterill said...

Thanks for dropping in on my blog - and thanks also for the reminder about VAT, I'd completely forgotten it's going back up. Time to shop, I think! ;)

PS I went to school in Chorley!

Anonymous said...

Bruce Almighty and tea, sounds like a lovely night!

Jamie :)

Ams said...

Have a great night :)
The news just gets WAY too depressing for me... I try to stay away from it!!!
Enjoy your tea (I just finished mine and am now off to bed!)

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Thanks for stopping by the other day!

Glad the flooding isn't threatening you!

Bruce Almighty...sounds good to me! Haven't seen that in a long time!

Helen Pickup said...

Hi Just noticed we have a mutual friend (Amy Firth) She's a friend of my daughter Carly, small world!