Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Negatives (the photography kind)

Thanks for my comments about my Stress Relief Tips, i'm glad they were appreciated! :)
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Today is Jamie's payday (yay!) and this month that means two things. One - time to pay the rent. Two - Chinese for dinner!! It has been so long since I last had chinese takeaway, and damn it was good. Not to mention the fact that I got home to him having set out the dining table with candles for it :) (photos to follow...)

I have been scanning ALOT of negatives at work today. I quite enjoy doing it but it takes up alot of time, previewing the roll, selecting each individual image and then scan, scan, scan. I love how you can never quite see whats in a negative until it's been scanned in and enlarged - its like an unveiling....except not as exciting. Although, I do quite like seeing how ridiculous a poser Marc Bolan was (thats who the negs were of today). It still amazes me how good the quality of photography was 30-odd years ago too, the photographers back then were REAL photographers with actual skill to it...not like the myspace generation we have in music nowadays. Don't get me wrong, there are some cracking people out there...but there are just alot of lazy ones too. Digital photography allows mistakes, film photography doesn't, or does but you need a hell of alot of film! (I only have a digital camera myself by the way, I'm one of the lazy ones!)....Anyway, my point - give me a Mick Rock photo any day! -

(photo courtesy of the Syd Barrett Trust)

My mood is good this week so far, one more day of work until my long weekend in Scotland and more importantly only 5 days until I see the Flaming Lips again!!! They are my favouritest live band ever and I've been waiting all year for this gig. Roll on the best live show a band could ever give!

I said last week that I was going to do Post-It Tuesdays.....but I have too much to say today so I reckon i'll try to do Post-It Wednesday instead! (if I can....)

I can't talk anymore, I have wine to drink...... :P


P.S. Oh I forgot to say, along with my candlelit takeaway dinner, I got 3 more Blue Nose Friends! That brings my grand total to 9 little guys....and again, there will be a photo to follow soon!

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Ams said...

Aw, a good mood is always good :)
Enjoy your chinese takeaway!