Saturday, 7 November 2009

The Park

Not much to report or talk about today. Me and Jamie went to the park the feed the ducks :)

It literally rained all through our walk there so we went to the cafe to dry off a bit and have a brew, during which it stopped raining. Then we left to walk home and the heavens opened again! I swear the sky was watching us, waiting.

My little Wall-E comes with me to alot of places and he is so photogenic (and a poser!) so I have started up a little photo blog just for him! Its called 'Wall-E Explorations' - please check it out!

Time for a brew in bed, Jamie is at work so its up to me to provide my own heat for the bed tonight!



The Everyday Minimalist said...
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Anonymous said...

Are those ducks? AND A SWAN?

I love swans, as long as they aren't faux wrapped around Bai Ling's neck!

P.S. I just started, so I'd love it if you'd come by the blog and check it out

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

ok so i totally went over and checked out your wall e blog and loooved it you have to keep it up! what a great concept!