Friday, 27 November 2009


This week has been really weird. There has been some good things and also some bad things going on so i'm not sure whether its been good or not.

Good Things:
A good week at work
Got my work Christmas bonus
Had a laugh with my mum round last night
Much more prepared for Christmassy things

Bad Things:
Jamie finding out he has to work right through from Christmas Eve until Boxing Day
My beautiful black Christmas Tree being delivered to the wrong address yesterday, what a mess!
Looked like crap when I saw my ex in the shop last night....he looked smug, urgh.

At least me and Jamie have the weekend off together, and that means we are going to the Christmas Markets in Manchester on sunday, yay!!! I took my mum last year and she loved it (even though we were dying of cold), and J is excited about going (so am I!) so I'm looking forward to it :)
You may have noticed above that J is working over Christmas....which totally sucks. We can't do anything about it (he has pleaded with work to get one of the main days off but to no avail) so we are just going to have to work around it. We've agreed to open presents when he gets home from work Christmas Day morning, then he is going to sleep all day and I have promised him I'll cook him anything he wants for dinner before he goes to work again. We're going to have our proper 'Christmas Dinner' on the 27th because we both have that night off.

Right, I'd better go do something useful.

Hope all my US readers had a good Thanksgiving and aren't busting your guts on Black Friday!



Helen Pickup said...

Hi,I noticed the photo on your blog of you with Amy and her mum. I don't really know Karl but I hear he's a bit of an artist too.

Bitsy said...

lovely that you can have your own special christmas day. Awww. I like doing nice things like that. I feel festive. yes yes I do!