Sunday, 13 December 2009

I'm Back!

Thank the lord - I am back online!
Jamie fixed the computer (god knows how - I didn't even need a new hard drive or anything!) so he is massively in the good books and I am back in touch with the world!

I don't want to blah on about whatever has happened recently, mainly because not much has....but here's a round up:

* Me and J went to the Manchester Christmas Markets again yesterday. This time we went on the big wheel and it was ace. It didn't rain either which was a bonus and it's made us mega-festive.
* We're one step closer to moving into the bigger flat next door. Rachael, my estate agent lady has got a target date of 20th and no later. Fingers crossed the keys might get passed to us within the next week...
* I only have 2 more present to buy and that is Crimble all ready for me! (except the veg for dinner obviously)
* I am abcess and antibiotic free, although there is still a teeny tiny lump there....I'll be keeping my eye on it
* J bought me an ace cuddly grey Crimble zip-up jumper - and its furry inside! :)

See, it hasn't really been that eventful. I'm just slowly building up with festive excitement. Eeeeee!!


Thursday, 10 December 2009

Damned Technology....

This can only be quick...basically, I have nipped on here at work to give the sad news that my PC has died :(
I therefore haven't been able to get on the internet and that means no blogging for me!
I've ordered a new hard drive and god knows how I'm going to fix it on my own, but I will try and hopefully be back and running before the festive season. It totally sucks though.

So here's a quick update -
I'm moving to the (bigger) flat next door at some point before christmas yay!
All I have left to get for christmas is cards and like 2 presents yay!
I'm getting a pay rise in the new year yay!
My abcess has all gone and I can sit and lie down again yay!
My complaint to the bank a few weeks ago worked and I got a £20 charge refunded yay!
Jamie has a bleep test for a Retained Firefighter tonight - wish him luck!
We're going to the Manchester Christmas Markets again on saturday yay!

So I apologise for no blogging, no reading, no commenting and (this apology is to me) no competition entering! I hope to be back very soon!


Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Simply, Having....

As far as I'm concerned - Christmas Is Here!!!
Me and Jamie went to the German Christmas Market in Manchester on sunday and it was fantastic, it really got me all festive and in the mood for mince pies! Yes - it was raining a little bit, and no - I didn't take an umbrella, but I enjoyed every minute of the 8 hours (you heard right, 8 hours!) we spent wandering around enjoying the atmosphere. It was absolutely rammed full of people and there were soooooo many stalls - I just wish I had more money! As always, I bought a £10 bag from the salami man (I know that sounds weird but you get like 9 different yummy salami sticks, its a bargain!) and some toffee waffles, yum yum! We ate hotdogs that were too big and drank ALOT of tea to keep us warm, and even managed an explore around the Selfridges food section (with a sneaky purchase of Jelly Bellys and Hersheys chocolate). We had a lovely pint or two in the Oyster Bar to warm up and then took silly pictures with the window displays heehee. We were going to go on the MASSIVE Manchester Wheel but it was £6.50 each and that was just a bit too much money. We have agreed we're going to go again on 12th December when J has been paid so maybe we'll go on it then instead.....and maybe we'll buy some more goodies too! Here are some pictures of the day:

I finally got my christmas tree! Turns out it was left with the opticians next door but no one told me. Luckily the woman next door works there and when I bumped into her the other night she told me! It was a little weird walking into an Opticians and saying "Hi, i'd like my Christmas Tree please!" but hey, at least it is here!....I am so excited about putting it up!

This week I am off work, joy of joys - I have an abcess.....on my coccyx (thats the little bone at the bottom of your spine). So I pretty much can't sit down or lie down without being full of anti-biotics and pain killers. Fun. Please give me sympathy - it's painful and embarrassing!!