Friday, 26 March 2010

I'm ACTUALLY Back! ...And Its Folksy Friday!

Well then. I am finally properly back on here! Since my last post so much has happened but it'd take me forever to tell all and I don't want to bore you all, so I will do a brief re-cap:
  • Me and J moved to Flat 3, the bigger better flat next door. It rules.
  • We had a good Christmas, New Year and all that
  • We celebrated our One Year Anniversary ♥
  • I turned 25 (old lady now!) and we went to see the Cirque Du Soleil to celebrate. It was amazing.
  • J switched over from night-shifts to days. Thank the lord!
The most recent bit of exciting news however, lies here - PurpleShmurple
Thats right people, I've opened my own jewellery shop! :) Everything is made by me and I'm dead chuffed with it so far! *Please do have a look*

In honour of my shop and the wonderful world of Folksy that I have been welcomed into, I will be doing Folksy Fridays! Each friday I will pick a theme and showcase a few lovely items from the Folksters.

I have recently had a bit of a hankering to go to the Zoo, so that is this week's theme - The Zoo

There were many more items I could've used, so why don't you have a search too!

Right, i'm off to start the weekend (well.. almost), please don't forget to check out MY shop too -

Thanks xxx