Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Three In A Row

So today i'm in a wonderful mood! Much more so than normal. Lots of good things have happened recently and it's really helping to keep my head happy.
Jamie started a new job yesterday. No more awful 12hr shifts in the care home, no more having to work weekends, and no more minimum wage. Not to mention 20% off on the Very website (he now works for Shop Direct). He is happy and that is rubbing off on me - one less thing to worry about!

After a 3 week sales drought I have had not 1, not 2 but 3 SALES in my shop in the past 3 days :) I know it isn't huge amounts of money but a sale is a sale and it certainly gives me faith that i'm doing something right!
I also got paid for the custom white rose hairslides I made for my friend's wedding...

So today is a good day. It seems like this week is a good week too :)
Lets hope it continues! xx


Bitsy said...

Hey hey, went to buy something from your shop on friday but had to register to pay and cant access hotmail at work so will do so and buy! woo.

Hows your weekend been? Glad to see things are on the up. You just gotta bide your time... bide bide bide. I have never been very good at biding. no. haha x

Bitsy said...

ooo yes to FB link... i'm on there as Bitsy Von Muffling if you want to add me xx