Friday, 28 May 2010

**Folksy Friday** - Science

Hi all, I didn't do a Folksy Friday last week because I was super busy at my FT job....but this week I am on it!
So, if you didn't know... i'm a bit of a geek. I was the best in my year at Maths, I love Science (in particular Chemistry) and totally buzz off working out structural formulae. My favourite chemical compound? Potassium Permanganate, because it turns bright purple when you dissolve it in water :D

So anyway, In honour of my love of Science I have decided that this week's Folksy Friday theme will be *Science* -

Sizzling Science - Science Chocolate Bar Wrapper Finest Imaginary - Beaker/Flask Necklace
BlackAlbino - Molecule Cushions Projector Tie The Knot - DNA Helix Silk Tie
NR Jewellery Design - Lunar Earrings SteamPunk Glass - Blue Lapis Nebula Galaxy Wine Stopper
Have a great Bank Holiday my lovelies!!


Kellie said...

interesting theme Lynsey :)
i like the beaker and conicle flask necklace, have a lovely bank holiday!!! xx

Kim - FinestImaginary said...

Hey! Thanks for the feature :D

Sugarplum Kawaii said...

Super collection...unusual the 2 Science beaker cut outs...Einstein a gogo!

SteamPunkGlass said...

What a great selection, it shows science can be cool and pretty too! Thanks for including one of mine!

Andrew Craig Williams said...

Great picks, and you definitely win best Folksy Friday theme. Much better than the usual "oh I've just chosen pretty things". Nice one!

odd.sox said...

I definitely like science best when it looks like this! Is Potassium Permanganate the one that smells bad and makes your skin go yellow or was that a dream I had :O

Minky Magic said...

Art and science have always been closely linked - just look at Da Vinci! Love your theme this week, infact your posts are always inspiring because of that connection i'm sure! Marie x