Friday, 18 June 2010

**Folksy Friday - Fruit**

Man, I have been so slack when it comes to Purple Shmurple related things lately! I apologise to you all. I didn't do a Folksy Friday the last 2 weeks, and I have hardly promoted myself. Tut tut.
My FT job has been really busy lately, as have I in my personal life too! Its been go, go, go so unfortunately my shop took a back seat. I have, however, been slowly planning for my stall at the Super Duper Craft Fair in Blackpool in July. Recently I have printed up all my little receipt sheets, started writing out my price tags and made lots more jewellery. I'm trying to decide whether I should/need to buy any more stock to make things beforehand, there are things i'd really like to make and sell but i'm not sure if there is time (mainly due to international shipping times)....hmmmm.

So anyway, enough about that! Here is my Folksy Friday for this week - FRUIT!
Aleximo Croissant - Juicy Fruit Tart Brooch Crafty Mushroom - Fruit Salad Notecards
OohAahKnits - Unzip A Banana Quilting Demon - Lunch Bag
Gingerbred - Cherry Pie Letter Pack R Kelly Naturals - Dried Kiwi

Friday, 4 June 2010

**Folksy Friday - Post**

As you may or may not know, I work for a music memorabilia company. We sell all sorts of stuff so understandably we buy from all sorts of suppliers too. One of my favourites is Disaster Designs. They sell bags/purses/wallets and other similar things, and every time they bring out a new range we get a catalogue through...I spend quite a bit of time browsing!! They did an awesome range of bags/purses/etc last year which was 'Postal' themed, it all looked like envelopes and had stamps on and stuff - so cool. So I thought I'd have a look through my fellow Folksy shops to see what I could find of that theme! So here it is, this week's Folksy Friday - 'Post':

Andy Lanham Art - Girl & Post Box Illustration Crafty Pagan Designs - Vintage Postcards From Paris
Recycloanalyst - Recycled Postage Stamp Necklace Emma Louise Originals - Postage Stamp Pendant
Tinkers Infinity - Envelope Necklace Peterson Design - Change Of Address Cards