Thursday, 5 August 2010

Camera For Sale

Hi all,

I need to raise some funds. I have two cameras but use one way more than the other, so I have decided to part way with the least-used (and more expensive) one.

I am selling a Canon EOS 1000D.

*It comes in its original box with a Canon 18-55mm Lens and all its original accessories (leads, charger etc). I will provide a 4GB memory card and it also comes with a carry case that you can fit the camera in, a couple of lens, and anything else you need!*

I received it as a gift at christmas so it is only about 7/8 months old and is in absolutely fantastic condition, it still looks new! I have even got all the little packaging bags from when I first opened it, it’s been well looked after! I have only properly used it about 6 or 7 times, I just don’t have enough time to use it and it really should be going to a good home where it will be more appreciated :)

If anyone needs more information on the camera, here is the specification on the Canon website –

I am looking for about £400 ONO for it, all in all it was about £550 brand new.

If anyone is interested or would like more information, please leave me a comment or email me at
Quincifer x

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Womble said...

I would love to buy it but I'm on the dole so no chance at the mo :o( xXx