Monday, 2 August 2010

Finding A PenPal

Hey everyone, did you all have a good weekend? Mine was sufficiently boring, I spent most of it in my PJs watching tv re-runs and DVDs. I'm not complaining because I do enjoy lazy days off, but I kinda miss the days of having a manic social life....I guess i'm just getting old now haha (25! I know, not old at all yet)

I have been itching to write letters lately and haven't got anyone to write to, anyone that lives away from me I keep in good contact with via phone/text/Facebook. So I have decided to look up that wonderful thing we all did when we were at school - getting a penpal. It used to be so easy, you wrote a letter talking about yourself and it got sent off to some other random child in the world and they wrote back. There are a few websites knocking about which are supposed to be for finding penpals, but to be honest they seem to be more like a cross between social networking sites like Facebook and online dating sites! Within an hour of registering I had received messages off middle-aged men who really should have known better, and men in their 20's telling me I was beautiful in very bad broken English.
So does anyone know of anywhere I can register for an ACTUAL penpal? I want to write to someone similar to my age, and definitely in another country. Now I am old enough to know about the world I want to find some more out about it, so someone from a different country and culture would be fantastic.

While i'm here too, let me remind all you lovely people of the SALE I have going on in my shop Purple Shmurple. No one has took advantage of these wonder offers yet... :(

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